RacemiFeel like you're locked into VMware and can't move to Hyper-V? Maybe you're looking to move to Xen, or maybe you want to consolidate the entire data center to any of the three platforms. Automation software vendor Racemi may have the solution to all your VM ailments with its DynaCenter offering. Read on for the details:

DynaCenter is being positioned as an easy on-ramp to cloud residents using Xen who want to shift to VMWare, or as an easy path for OEMs who want to add cloud-ready capabilities to their offerings that traditionally were built for a specific virtualization platform. According to Racemi, there are no limits to converting these VMs, meaning that any VM can be converted to any of the two other platforms.

DynaCenter automates the entire process -- both physical and virtual server -- along with the OS, storage, network configuration and applications, straight up into another virtual of physical server. The conversion is done "in-flight," according to Racemi, and that the DynaCenter technology actively compares configurations of the source and destination and reconfigures them accordingly.

The technology only supports certain operating systems, but it's a long list including Windows, Linux, Oracle Solaris and IBM AIX. Supported hypervisors include VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V, the open-source Xen hypervisor, IBM Logical Partitions and Oracle/Sun Logical Domains.

DynaCenter software is available to tech partners to incorporate into product offerings and is available now.

While DynaCenter is a powerful tool, I wonder how many data centers purposely keep a mix of virtualization technologies, and how many are looking to consolidate. In my opinion, the big market for this conversion tool lies with companies offering VM-as-a-Service (or something similar) that traditionally only existed for one platform. Now they can either suggest DynaCenter or use DynaCenter themselves to make it transparent to the end user.

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