Backup and Recovery developer Paragon Software has released a new version of its enterprise-level Protect & Restore (PPR) solution for centralized remote management of physical and virtual machines.

PPR version 3 integrates with VMware (NYSE:VMW) vSphere--Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) Hyper-V is slated for the next version--to provide agentless backup of virtual servers and workstations. The PPR software also delivers agent-based backup of Windows systems and other hypervisor clients.

Paragon said the new release was particularly well-suited for its channel partners because it will enable them to pursue enterprise accounts with a backup solution for virtual, physical or hybrid environments.

“PPR is highly scalable from 1 to 1000s of servers and perfect for businesses backing up in a virtual, physical or mixed environment,” said Tom Fedro, Paragon president. “Our goal was to develop a backup and disaster recovery solution that offers comprehensive data protection, a fast recovery process and excellent technical support, all delivered at a reasonable price point. Early adopters of the product are telling us we succeeded.”

Daniel Eickhoff, Paragon channel sales director, said the developer wants to help partners achieve strong profit returns on the product. “We are particularly excited for our channel partners, as Paragon Protect & Restore will allow them to engage larger companies, get more services involved, and maximize their profits by taking advantage of Paragon’s aggressive reseller discounts,” he said.

Key PPR features:

  • Integrates with VMware ESX (Hyper-V with next version) allowing agentless backup, replication and restore of client machines
  • Agent-based option for physical machines and other hypervisor clients
  • Incremental backups and flexible scheduling
  • Primary local storage and secondary archive storage via a two-tier backup storage infrastructure
  • Detailed reporting and monitoring views

PPR backups of physical and virtual machines can be managed from multiple management consoles or a central location. And, the software accommodates environments of different sizes and configurations. PPR also ships with the developer’s Adaptive Restore product for hardware-independent restore, and incorporates Paragon’s UFSD technology, which enables the software to be aware of the type of data residing inside of backup images and promotes fast access to granular recovery options.

In addition to solutions covering data security, storage and management for PCs, servers and networks, Paragon also offers a second product portfolio of mobile productivity applications for handheld devices.