It sounds like Novell is nearing a deal to sell itself. Newspaper and wire report rumors suggest VMware is bidding to buy Novell's SUSE Linux business, with another buyer to potentially acquire Novell's other businesses. Here's the speculation plus insights from The VAR Guy.

First, the media reports:
Novell declined to comment to DOW Jones about today's M&A speculation.

Novell has been the subject of M&A rumors since the 1990s. But this time, the rumors "feel" right to The VAR Guy. Multiple reports say Novell solicited bidders for the company in recent months. And the Novell-VMware combo sure sounds intriguing, especially since VMware has acquired multiple open source companies to attack Microsoft's Windows and Exchange Server franchises. Novell SUSE Linux could further that VMware effort.

But who would acquire Novell's other businesses -- particularly the company's identity and security management offerings, and new options like the Novell Cloud Security Service? Hmmm... CA Technologies has a history of buying systems management and security firms. But in reality, The VAR Guy doesn't know if Novell will ultimately get purchased... and who will potentially do the buying.

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