The VAR Guy may try to squeeze his way into Candlestick Park this weekend to watch the Giants vs. 49ers. But before our resident blogger begins an alleged cross-country journey from New York to San Francisco, here's a look at the nine most read channel partner news stories from our blog network -- The VAR Guy, MSPmentor and Talkin' Cloud -- for the week ending January 20, 2012.

9. Cloud Computing Experts You Gotta Know: Each Friday, Talkin' Cloud profiles five cloud computing experts who work closely with cloud services providers, cloud aggregators, cloud brokers and the IT channel. Last week's edition attracted lots of eyeballs. And all of the folks ultimately wind up on the Talkin' Cloud 200 list.

8. Favorite Read?: Check MSPmentor each Friday and you'll find managed services providers flocking to our best-read weekly column: Seven Blogs MSPmentor Didn't Write.

7. Microsoft's Latest Cloud Win: Sure, JetBlue has embraced Office 365. But Talkin' Cloud coverage analyzed whether Microsoft is doing enough to promote channel partners that are succeeding with Office 365.

6. A CEO Encore: Former Nimsoft CEO Gary Read is now CEO at Boundary -- a SaaS startup focused on IT monitoring. MSPmentor Contributing Blogger Nicholas Mukhar took notice -- and so did readers.

5. Calling All Cloud Services Providers: When we launched our second-annual Talkin' Cloud 50 survey, numerous cloud services providers flooded our website to participate. If you haven't completed the survey yet it's open until April 27, 2012, with results coming in Q2.

4. Smart SEO?: What are the three top SMB trends for 2012? Axicent's guest blog on MSPmentor scored with readers.

3. Apple and e-Publishing: Contributing Blogger David Courbanou's latest Apple coverage is required reading for all VARs in the education vertical.

2. What If Linux Ran for President?: Contributing Blogger Christopher Tozzi offers us a break from the real world and compares Linux distributions to presidential candidates. Oh my.

1. Linux as a Desktop Option: Contributing Blogger Christopher Tozzi scores again with this timely look at six features that have made Linux a true desktop option for VARs.

That's all for now. But The VAR Guy will be back -- really fast -- if any major chatter or channel news surfaces later today or over the weekend.