The VAR Guy's Open Source 50

Welcome to The VAR Guy's annual look at open source in the IT channel. The annual survey tracks open source companies based on a range of variables, including the size, influence and growth of their partner programs. Also, The VAR Guy measures the percent of company revenues derived from channel partners. Take a look ...

The Open Source 50 (2010 Edition)

  • Download the 2010 Report: The a 30-plus page PDF available June 2 from The VAR Guy’s Resource Center (free registration is required). The report includes analysis of the open source IT channel, a close look at each of The Open Source 50 companies, key channel chiefs you need to know, and specific partner program initiatives at all 50 companies.
  • Download the 2009 Report: Also available from our Resource Center (free registration is required).

Read Selected Components Online (2009 Edition)

About The VAR Guy's Open Source 50

The VAR Guy's Second Annual Open Source 50 Survey ran Jan. 5 through April 16, 2010. Our goal was to identify the 50 most promising open source channel partner programs. The partner programs involve pure open source companies or hybrid (open source/closed source) companies. The survey took about 15 minutes (or less) to complete.

The Open Source 50 is based on such variables as:

  • Overall partner ecosystem size
  • Annual partner network growth (in raw numbers)
  • Annual partner network percentage growth
  • Percent of revenue derived from partners
  • Internal employees per channel partner
  • The VAR Guy’s intense, daily coverage of open source in the IT channel

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