Uptime Devices recently popped into our inbox and onto our radar for providing environmental monitoring, physical security and power management solutions. What's more, I had the chance to talk to CEO Jean-Paul Daemen about the Austin, Texas-based company and what they can provide. Read on about Uptime Devices new Partner Program and why they might be on your radar soon...

Uptime Devices is nine years old and has been profitable since 2002. Daemen says the company supports Fortune 500 and government clientele. Uptime Devices ensures data center managers can visibly trace and manage security and uptime, protecting the facility's environment, and reducing the cost of cooling through optimizing energy consumption.

According to Daemen, Uptime Devices helps data center managers and channel partners to:

  • Remotely measure the real-time status of a variety of environmental conditions (airflow, temperature, humidity, water, power strips, power outlets, etc.).
  • Automatically detect smoke, water, opening/closing of doors and cabinets, and motion.
  • Web-enable previously unreachable devices such as unintelligent, stand-alone, or non-IP enabled power strips.
  • Monitor the current draw on each outlet, and Power on/off/reboot 120V-250V power outlets.
  • Monitor and control power strips (PDUs) from APC, Eaton, Liebert, BayTech, and ServerTech.
Daemen detailed their  flagship product. Dubbed RPM, for "Remote Physical Monitor," Daemen noted that it's the new standard in the aforementioned environmental monitoring devices. It includes some key disaster protection, including sending out e-mails, SNMP (the Simple Network Management Protocol via UDP), or a text message in the event of an issue. You can also set fail-safes so devices turn off automatically when dangerous conditions are met. Added bonus?
"Uptime Devices do not require software and integrate with all the leading data center hardware and IT management vendors, meaning customers can simply plug and protect."
A look over at their product page shows some very simple looking devices that fit snugly at the end of an Ethernet cable and can check for humidity, among other things. And that could be good news for SMBs and Enterprise. Easy is always a plus. And speaking of them, Daemen elaborated...
"Currently, SMBs and enterprise facilities are cutting back in all areas of their technology budget while the economy recovers. To ensure that their initial investments in IT are protected, organizations of all sizes are still purchasing our products as mission critical equipment; protecting their IT infrastructure from environmental, security, and power related issues. The benefit of our suite of products is the flexibility to grow as customers’ needs change. A customer may initially just want to monitor temperature and humidity but later find out they need to monitor cooling fans and PDUs. This change in protection does not require them to buy a new hardware system. Using Uptime Devices, the customer can just purchase additional RIMS to attach to the RPM CM and monitor these new variables."

Partner Program

On the channel front, Uptime Devices distributes through Synnex and Anixter, and partners drive all of the company's revenue. Not by coincidence, Uptime Devices launched a new channel partner program in April 2010. There's no member fee, and no minimum sales commitments or inventory requirements. Plus, there's deal registration and lead referral opportunities, and  partners get listed on Uptime Devices website.

True believers in Uptime Devices, Daemen says, include Siemens, Boeing, ChevronTexaco, Sylvania, American Red Cross, Bayer, and Raytheon just to name a few. The company has sold over 40,000 units in over 24 countries, he adds.

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