Canonical founder and Ubuntu creator Mark Shuttleworth is calling for an open dialog with Red Hat, Novell and other major Linux distribution providers.

The potential discussions, he hopes, could lead to a rather dramatic series of developments in 2010.

During a keynote speech this morning at Ubuntu LIVE, Shuttleworth said he wants the Linux ecosystem to coordinate the timing of their major product releases. The discussions, he hopes, will occur over the next few months.

Shuttleworth's goal is to ensure Ubuntu, Red Hat, Novell and other major providers have a blockbuster lineup of new, coordinated offerings in 2010. It's Sunday, folks, so I'm not sure how Novell and Red Hat will react and they're not available for comment. However, the announcement by Shuttleworth essentially tries to rally the Linux market to offer enterprises releases on a predictable two-year schedule (2008, 2010, 2012, etc.).

While Ubuntu is most familiar on the desktop, Canonical continues to gain momentum on the server, Shuttleworth says. Roughly 70 percent of support inquiries to Canonical involve Ubuntu server deployments, Shuttleworth indicated.

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