Virtualization management specialist Reflex Systems’ latest version of its Virtualization Management Center (VMC) suite includes features that address the growing needs of Big Data management, including streaming data analysis and customizable analytics.

Using business intelligence (BI)-style modeling, businesses can leverage data to better serve their needs, allowing customer and company information to be reported on, visualized, analyzed and, most importantly, monetized. Reflex joins a fast-growing list of tech companies, such as Cisco, that are looking to bolster their data management offerings.

Reflex VMC also can help reduce storage bottlenecks through actions including combining the base metrics of Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) and network response time into one compound metric, and offers customizable infrastructure health indicators.

The big selling point here is user-friendly customization: Reflex VMC now has the ability to publish individual live charts or entire dashboards as a simple URL or embeddable HTML code. For example, custom dashboards related to the performance and operation of a Microsoft Exchange e-mail cluster can be published into a wiki or SharePoint instance managed by e-mail admins.

Through the customizable analytics feature, organizations can create business charts and roll-ups which can be compared, used to set policy, or for performance forensics.

Big Data is increasingly becoming a big concern for businesses of all sizes, and resellers should be ready to not only help their customers collect and store that data, but also be able to explain how measuring and managing that data can give them a leg-up on the competition. And that’s a Big Deal.