The VAR Guy is often skeptical of software partnerships, especially when the relationships are little more than glossy press releases and empty marketing promises.

But in the open source marketplace, where application developers are trying to prove their business savvy, some partnerships deliver real value. One prime example: JasperSoft (the business intelligence company) and MySQL (the fast-growing database provider) have partnered to deliver Jasper for MySQL: OEM Edition. Not exactly a sexy name, but the software suite makes plenty of business sense. It includes a report server, a graphical report creation tool, and a reporting system with dashboards, tables, crosstabs and charts.

But this is more than a product suite. The two companies have signed a joint reseller agreement that allows MySQL to offer the new product to its commercial ISV and OEM customers. JasperSoft will also have the right to resell MySQL’s database solutions as part of the JasperSoft Business Intelligence Suite.

Of course, partnerships like this sometimes fall apart because of clashing business cultures or sales priorities. But on paper, this relationship makes sense for MySQL, JasperSoft and their partners. BI and databases go hand in hand. To wit, Oracle and Microsoft are increasingly building BI capabilities directly into their databases.

For MySQL and JasperSoft VARs, now is an ideal time to pursue cross training between the two solutions.