Jenne Inc., the value-added distributor that aims to make all things easier for VARs, has launched a contract management tool to -- you guessed it -- make life easier for VARs. This time, it's a new renewal tool for at-a-glance management. If you're in the UC and data networking space and you're not already working with Jenne, The VAR Guy has all the details coming right up ...

Quick refresher: Jenne Inc. is the VAD behind the streamlined Avaya training program, which we covered back in July 2011. Jenne also offers training and support from a variety of other UC vendors, most recently adding LifeSize to its personal training lineup.

Fast forward to the fall, and Jenne is looking to give partners an easier way to manage their service agreements and other maintenance contracts. The brand-spanking new web portal is available to all Jenne resellers, completely free of charge. (The VAR Guy is a big fan of free.) Features include alerts for contracts up for renewal, tracking of types of contracts and their expiration dates and the ability to see at a glance the solutions portfolios related to specific contracts. And, according to Jenne, the tool is not specific to any particular vendor and works for all partners selling all different kinds of solutions.

The VAR Guy is a fan of any way partners can get greater visibility into their business infrastructure, and Jenne promises to deliver beyond what a "cumbersome spreadsheet" could provide. If you're a Jenne partner, just log on to the web portal as usual and click the new "service contracts" tabs. Interested partners can check out all Jenne has to offer here.