Technology giant Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ) is betting heavily on virtualization with its new Get Virtual Guarantee Program, designed to help customers boost server virtualization return on investment by doubling virtual machine density in existing VMware (NYSE: VMW) vSphere environments when deploying the company’s 3PAR Storage platform.

Putting its money where its mouth is, HP is promising a minimum two times increase in virtual server density by doubling the total virtual machine workload on existing physical servers, which can help business reduce the cost of moving to a virtualized environment. Simply put, if you can increase your VM density, you can lower your virtual infrastructure acquisition and operational costs.

In case the promised boost in performance isn’t achieved, HP will provide users with the disk capacity and related HP software and support necessary to hit the target, according to the company. Not a bad guarantee.

3PAR Storage touts high storage-performance levels for the unpredictable workloads typically generated in virtual server environments, as well as in public, private and hybrid cloud environments. It is integrated with VMware vStorage technologies and combined with built-in features including automatic load balancing, wide striping and a Mesh-Active clustered architecture, all designed to unblock bottlenecks in virtualized data centers.

Here’s the catch: To participate, qualified customers must purchase a 3PAR Storage System with 3PAR Optimization Suite software for autonomic load balancing and 3PAR System Reporter software. Users also must be running VMware vSphere version 4.1 or higher.

If your customers have been on the fence about virtualizing their infrastructure, HP's Get Virtual Guarantee Program may be just the impetus they need. After all, they -- and you, trusty VAR -- have nothing to lose.