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The ransomware threat isn’t showing any signs of diminishing or fading away as yet. Its victims include large enterprises, medium companies and small businesses. According to the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology, (ICIT), 2016-2017 are expected to be years that Ransomware wreaks havoc to American companies.  Ransomware threats in 2015 were up 165% over the previous year according to a recent study by professors at Northeastern University.  
Ransomware is responsible for 406,887 attempted infections and accounts for a total of approximately $325 million in damages, according to a November, 2015 report by the Cyber Threat Alliance. Ransomware can attack any business or industry with a simple mouse click on an advertisement, an email click — or even visiting a webpage by accident. The worst part is that once it penetrates your business, you’re at the mercy of the extortionists. The research shows that criminals don’t always honor their promise to release your company’s data even if you do pay. It is critical to learn how to educate your customers on the best way to protect data assets and to understand which companies are most vulnerable and why.
In this session, join Penton Contributing Editor Theresa Caragol and experts from Veeam and HPE to uncover key takeaways to protect your clients’ business:

  • Common forms of ransomware
  • Best practices and tips to avoid ransomware attacks
  • How to defeat ransomware criminals once they get to your organization
  • Off-the-shelf solutions you can deploy, for your clients, to conquer ransomware
  • Key services and wrap-around offerings with this solution that are often necessary for the client’s safety

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Brian Maher, HPE Global  Sr. Product Marketing Manager - Veeam Software


Ken Juntunen, Veeam, HPE Alliance Manager



Kyle Drake, HPE; HPE StoreOnce & RMC Product Manager