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As a managed service provider, you’re probably offering a combination of solutions to protect customer data and improve collaboration: backup, file servers, file sync & share.

Not only is this a complex/risky approach, but it also fails to accomplish what your customers actually need the most: a comprehensive, reliable solution to manage their most valuable information assets. It is time to join the file management revolution.

In this webcast, experts from Intermedia and Penton Technology will discuss the evolution that’s happening in the file management field. You’ll learn:

  • The challenges that customers have managing different types of data, documents, and business process requirements
  • The inherent limitations of traditional backup / file sync solutions for addressing all of your customers’ needs
  • The new – and more profitable – solutions you can provide to your customers that address their total file management needs
  • How to protect your customers from data loss, downtime, and costs caused by malicious cyber-attacks such as ransomware (e.g. Cryptolocker)

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Josh Topal is the product marketing manager for SecuriSync at Intermedia. He is a cloud expert who has helped launch several products and has a deep understanding of the file management marketplace.



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