Do VARs and MSPs Really Need Executive Coaches?

Executive coaching within the IT channel has been a hot-button topic lately. But do VARs and MSPs really need coaches? Or is coaching a waste of time and money for small business solutions providers? Before you answer consider these insights from Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

First, a little background: The VAR Guy respects many executive coaches but he also thinks the coaching hype is getting a bit loud in the IT channel. During the recent CompTIA Breakaway conference, a few dozens coaches gathered to kick around ideas on how the IT coaching profession may evolve. Paul Dippell of Service Leadership Inc. led the session.

Now, back to the central question: Do VARs and MSPs really need coaches? Sometimes The VAR Guy is skeptical... But this video, featuring Google CEO Eric Schmidt, really pinpoints why everyone -- even the best of the best -- may need an external coach or mentor:

A tip of the hat to Mitch York of e2e Coaching. The VAR Guy spotted the Schmidt video on York's website.

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Harry Brelsford (not verified)
on Aug 19, 2010
Good question. It does beg the question, since you threw me a softball. Can you swing a dead cat without hitting a SMB channel business coach? Flames kindly ignored :) harrybbbb
on Aug 19, 2010
VAR Guy, thanks for the 'hat tip'. To you VARs and MSPs out there, here's more on what a coach can do for your business, and how to choose a coach: Also, being a FOVG (friend of Var Guy), I offer a 20 minute free coaching introduction by phone to anyone who's also an FOVG. Get in touch via my website above.
on Aug 19, 2010
Mitch: The VAR Guy would write more but he's busy trademarking FOVG... Hope all is well. -TVG
Lane Smith (not verified)
on Aug 19, 2010
I personally have never had a coach but have had many mentors throughout my life. That being said I do believe that coaches play an important role in our industry. Provided that they help a VAR / MSP increase not only their revenue but more importantly their profitability. I spoke with a VAR last week that was using a coach. He stated that he was looking to cut back on his expenses because he was spending too much on his coach. I told him that was absurd, if you have a coach they should be paying for themselves within a few months, if after that you are not seeing the ROI, either your coach is useless or you are not heeding their advice. So again provided that they are helping you grow your business and increase your pofitability then I very strongly recommend a coach. Lane Smith Do IT Smarter
on Aug 20, 2010
Lane: Thanks for sharing some healthy, logical advice. You and a few other readers describe how mentors can also be coaches of sorts. Great point. Several mentors helped The VAR Guy's team pave the way for, MSPmentor and Nine Lives Media Inc. Without the early mentors, Nine Lives Media Inc. never launches... -TVG
on Aug 20, 2010
Lane, one additional thought on the difference between a coach and a mentor. A mentor is usually someone with more specific experience in your industry that acts as an advisor. A coach does not need to be in your industry and does not exclusively offer advice. The more important function of a coach is to ask the right questions and listen well enough so that the person being coached comes up with the solutions that will work best.
on Mar 16, 2012
Mitch@6: The VAR Guy is way, way, late replying to your quote. Yup, mentor = industry centric. Stuart: Everybody loves a little direction... even if they don't admit it ;-) Best, -TVG
on Mar 15, 2012
I jumped into this threat very late...showed up on Google. Coaching and consulting is essential to success. Ask any professional athlete and they will tell you. Good luck everyone Stuart Crawford MSP Coaching and business development
on Jun 26, 2013

Executives need the right amount of training and execution for their work which completely their work properly and in time. Executive Coaching in business is highly important otherwise success could be in distress and people could be in a position to collaborate with the clients and managers. So it is highly essential for a suitable coaching provided for the executives.

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