How can virtualization VARs and their end-customers manage open source hypervisors like KVM and Xen? Convirture, promoter of ConVirt technology, may have the answer. Here's why.

Convirture claims Xen and KVM open source hypervisors are easier to manage with ConVirt 2.0 Enterprise Edition. ConVirt isn't new, but version 2.0 is and Convirture says real-world data centers have used and downloaded ConVirt more than 30,000 times. Plus, the company says ConVirt1.x is built into major Linux distros, like Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSUSE and more.

ConVirt 2.0  is being branded as a tool designed to use a company's infrastructure in the most efficient way and being the "go-to-tool" for enterprises looking to go a hosted or private cloud, too. ConVirt has an extensive list of services, such as...
  • Server pool-based management
  • Templates-based provisioning
  • Monitoring and configuration management
  • Comprehensive virtual machine administration
  • Highly scalable, 3-tier, standards-based architecture
In addition, ConVirt 2.0 Enterprise offers backup and recovery, private cloud management, storage and network automation that's streamlined along with Enterprise integration for open repository, command line interfaces and of course APIs, the company says.

ConVirt 2.0 starts at $1,495 per host, up to 10 hosts, with a volume pricing for larger environments. You can also nap a "per virtual machine" package if you're an ISP or hosting provider.

We haven't put ConVirt 2.0 to the test but we'll be checking in with channel partners to see how they're managing open source and closed source hypervisors.

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