Avaya is looking to make its communication technology more than a series of cookie-cutter solutions. The communications platform vendor is singing the praises of its latest partner-developed applications developed through Avaya DevConnect, its partner development program, and designed to complement Avaya IP Office as ubiquitous and easy-to-use communication application solutions. Here's the breakdown …

Avaya IP Office is the flagship communications solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, and Avaya is touting it as the perfect platform for the partner-developed tools and applications, which now number around 1,400. All have been compliance-tested, with 30 to 40 new solutions added every month. Although the majority are aimed at the SME space, Avaya said 300 of those tested solutions can specifically work in the small-business space as well.

For example, InTouch from Avaya partner AdvaTel aggregates an internal presence for a contacts located within Yahoo!, Skype, MSN Lync and Outlook calendar. The serverless solution allows easy access from voice telephony, instant messaging, SMS and e-mail with a mouse-click.

Indeed, Avaya sees real value in automation applications in particular, mainly because they can aggregate large quantities of information on the network to automatically remind users of meetings, schedules and more -- thus saving time and resources.

Avaya has listed many, many more examples of partner-developed apps for IP Office on its press release, but the real story here is that productive UC technology can be accessible and affordable to more than the large enterprise. In Avaya's case, it's also a testament to the power of its partners, who have the ability to shape the IP Office platform into anything their customers need.

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