As the Apple Macintosh nears a record 8 percent market share, The VAR Guy strongly believes open source is accelerating the Macintosh's momentum. Here's why.

First, the big news: Apple’s share of the operating system market grew 5.69% in May to hit a record 7.80%, while Windows in all its flavors dropped half a point to 91.17%, according to a Net Applications survey cited by Fortune magazine.

Sweet. But Apple doesn't deserve all of the credit for Mac OS's recent momentum. The open source crowd, it seems, deserves plenty of applause as well.

The more time The VAR Guy spends at open source events meeting with developers and executives, the more frequently he sees MacBooks, MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros on the scene.

During one recent meeting in New York, The VAR Guy spotted multiple managers from Alfresco -- the fast-growing software developer focused on open source content management -- armed with MacBooks. Some Alfresco insiders say 80 percent of the company is now running on Mac hardware. And Alfresco general manager Matt Asay himself has written about the open source community's affection for the Mac.

Sure, Apple is scoring with the Mac. But don't forget the big assist Apple is getting from open source fanatics.