The VAR Guy was zipping along, driving from his Long Island home to JFK International Airport, picking up a longtime business pal. But this road trip also involved a $180 phone call between The VAR Guy and CA Technologies. The discussion was supposed to cover some recent CA strategy updates in the mid-market. Instead, the cops got involved and the conversation was cut short.

Things started off a-okay. CA Spokesman Bob Gordon, Senior VP Michael Crest and The VAR Guy dialed into a conference bridge. But as The VAR Guy sped along the Southern State Parkway, Gordon asked our resident blogger to speak up. Alas, The VAR Guy's headset was failing. All of his humor, wit and alleged market expertise were getting lost in cellular static.

That's when The VAR Guy made a key mistake. Off came his hands-free headset. The cell phone was now glued to The VAR Guy's ear. But the conversation between The VAR Guy and CA Technologies was over before it started.

Flashing lights. A cop on a motorcycle. Caught in a bad episode of CHiPs, The VAR Guy was now public enemy Number One. In hot pursuit: One of Long Island's finest. Apparently, driving and speaking on a cell phone without a hands-free headset is a big No, No in New York. (And The VAR Guy knew it.)

The VAR Guy pulled over. The cop -- sorry gals, no resemblance to Jon or Ponch -- approached his car. Our resident blogger tried to turn on the charm and explained the faulty headset problem. But our resident blogger ultimately bowed to the law, and accepted a $180 ticket.

So now The VAR Guy wonders: Can he expense the ticket to his employer? Hmmm...