Dell Twitter FeedStill skeptical about the value of Web 2.0 technology? Consider this startling fact: Dell has booked $1 million in revenue by leveraging Twitter sales alerts over the past 18 months or so. Sure, $1 million is chump change for Dell. But The VAR Guy is still impressed.

The Twitter-Dell story is making its way through The Blogosphere now. Thanks to Mike Elgan (The Raw Feed) for the story lead. Readers can find more in-depth info at VentureBeat.

As for Dell, the company is a Web 2.0 powerhouse. No joke.

Dell was among the first companies to aggressively promote its own corporate blogs (check out Direct2Dell). And the Dell IdeaStorm site has allowed readers to offer ideas (some great, some terrible) to Dell's business managers.

By now, you can tell that The VAR Guy respects Dell's Web 2.0 strategy... although many of our resident blogger's readers still don't trust the hardware giant. Perhaps a few product discounts -- promoted through Twitter -- can win over those lingering Dell skeptics. Tweet on.

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