By now most of us—if not all—are using LinkedIn, that social media site for business professionals. You’ve added your relevant career information, included attachments and videos to highlight your work experience and made connections with like-minded professionals. But how much time was spent developing your LinkedIn summary?

Think of your LinkedIn summary as a spotlight on your career—it is your mission statement and sales pitch all in one. The summary should highlight career achievements, list relevant experience and include keywords for search results.

The summary section provides a lot of real estate, allowing you to write up to 2,000 words. Use these words wisely to attract potential business through LinkedIn’s search results. The key is to write about yourself in a way that is really about your target reader.

Tips to consider when crafting your LinkedIn Summary:

  • Tell a story – write in a captivating way that guides readers along your career path
  • Break up the copy – instead of writing one long paragraph, break up the copy with headers, short paragraphs and bullet points
  • Include a call-to-action with your contact information so potential customers can easily contact you
  • Include any videos of yourself highlighting what you bring to the table
  • Make sure to highlight partner successes and consider including mini case studies

When you start writing, consider these questions / prompts:

  • What is the objective of your LinkedIn Profile? Who do you want to connect with
  • What’s your management or work style?
  • What personal attributes do you have that your prospective clients will value?
  • Talk about your overall experience vs. specific job related tasks
  • Highlight an overall career achievement

Now it’s time to make your LinkedIn profile speak for you. Start this year off right by making some of these updates.

Is there anything we’ve missed? What else do you plan to include in your summary?