Communications vendor Siemens Enterprise Communications has updated its OpenScape UC Suite to address the evolving unified communications space, including the increase in mobile devices and the growing BYOD phenomenon.

The latest version of UC OpenScape accommodates from 100 to 500,000 users, and includes enhancements to all its components, including UC Application, Web Collaboration, Fusion and Mobility.

Some of the highlights include:
  • Unified domains for presence, messaging, contact and directory integration, linking OpenScape, Google and iChat to extend presence and messaging capabilities
  • Web collaboration desktop client support for Mac OS and plug-in for Microsoft Outlook
  • A UC and SIP-based VoIP mobile client for both Android and iOS environments
  • The ability to “swipe” an active call to any communications device, including a home phone
The enhancements come on the heels of Siemens’ latest research, The State of Enterprise Communications 2012 Study, which shows an increasing acceptance of unified communications and other trends regarding communications in the enterprise space.

While I’m always a little wary of vendor-sponsored research (the results always can be skewed to show the vendor’s technology in a favorable light, and really, who’s going to publish research that doesn’t benefit the company somehow?), Siemens’ study is basically a keen grasp of the obvious. We’ve all heard for the better part of two years and counting how unified communications is becoming a must-have technology as companies look to do more with a smaller, more mobile workforce. Siemens’ research reinforces that notion. And the enhancements to its OpenScape suite further demonstrate the evolution of unified communications.