ZaReason CTO Earl Malmrose discussions Ubuntu 9.04 PCs, servers and notebooksAfter a business trip to China (stay tuned for details...), the ZaReason team is back in the US preparing to offer Ubuntu 9.04 on PCs and laptops the day Canonical's latest Linux distribution launches. But that's not all: ZaReason is preparing to expand its Ubuntu server lineup. Here are the early details, based on an email interview with ZaReason CTO Earl Malmrose (pictured).

According to Malmrose, it's standard practice for ZaReason to offer new Ubuntu releases on hardware the day Canonical launches the upgrade.
"We stay in sync with the development cycle attending various developer's summits, making sure that we know what is being done and what is coming down the pipeline. The community is set up in a way that makes it easy to see which features people plan on implementing."
On the server front, ZaReason launched its first rack-mount Ubuntu servers in March, and Malmrose says ZaReason will be growing that product line throughout 2009. Also, customers are using ZaReason's UntangleBox as a server, notes Malmrose.

Ubuntu 9.04's Promise

Switching the conversation back to Ubuntu 9.04, Malmrose described the key benefits the upgrade offers for various target users.

For desktop and laptops, he says Ubuntu 9.04 should offer users:
  • Improved cd burner application.
  • Improved handling of multiple monitors, formerly a sore spot for Linux.
  • Performance increases across the board.
And on the server, he says Ubuntu Server Edition 9.04 offers:
  • Better startup speed. This is crucial in reducing restart time when a server is down.
  • Support for ext4. Since this is relatively new file system, it remains to be seen if it is up to production-level quality. But if it does, ext4 offers numerous benefits including support for larger files and better performance.
Malmrose expects the move from current Ubuntu releases to version 9.04 to go smoothly:
"We love how each new version of Ubuntu is a gentle upgrade from the previous version. The evolutionary nature of Ubuntu allows users to easily upgrade existing systems to the latest version, receiving all of the benefits of an up-to-date system with none of the worries of not being able to use the new system."
We'll see if that trend holds true when Ubuntu 9.04 arrives.

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