When it comes to deploying Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope), Canonical's installed base seems to be a loyal, eager crowd. To wit, the vast majority of WorksWithU site visitors have already upgraded to Ubuntu 9.04, according to an informal reader poll.

According to the poll, conducted over the past three weeks:
  • 71 percent of WorksWithU readers are already running Ubuntu 9.04
  • 11 percent planned to upgrade sometime in April
  • 11 percent planned to upgrade within three months
  • 5 percent had no plans to use Ubuntu 9.04
  • 2 percent planned to upgrade before the end of 2009
I'm not suggesting Ubuntu 9.04 is going to become a dominant, mainstream operating system. Also, the poll certainly wasn't a scientific.

However, Canonical's core user base seems to have strong faith in Ubuntu's ongoing quality -- though some readers (including our own Christopher Tozzi) have had issues with video cards.

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