sharp_ubuntuSomewhere between the smart phone and netbook markets, Canonical hopes to stir demand for Ubuntu on so-called Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs). Sharp seems to share that vision and is launching the PC-Z1 Mobile Internet Tool running Ubuntu 9.04. Here are some quick details.

Don't look for the PC-Z1 in North America. According to a Sharp press release, the PC-Z1 launches Sept. 25 in Japan. It features a 5-inch TFT LCD touch-screen, runs Ubuntu 9.04 and launches in as little as 3 seconds. According to Sharp, the PC-Z1:
"is as easy to handle as a mobile phone and that has performance similar to that of a PC. The PC-Z1 will make its debut as a new category of mobile devices designed for the era of cloud computing."
Will it sell? I must concede: I'm blogging for New York and not qualified to make predictions about consumer tech trends in Japan. But it's good to see Canonical's MID vision turning into a reality with some OEMs.

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