RightScale Puts Ubuntu Server In the Cloud, TooThe Ubuntu Server revolution is starting but it doesn't involve traditional on-premise systems. A few hours ago I mentioned Turnkey Linux was putting Ubuntu Server software appliances in the cloud. But I overlooked another major story: RightScale -- a well-known cloud computing company -- today announced "full support" for Ubuntu as part of the RightScale Cloud Management platform. It's big news. Here's why.

As RightScale put it:
"The Ubuntu software development community can now use RightScale to easily deploy and manage cloud applications on cloud infrastructures such as Amazon EC2 with complete control and portability."

Forget Conventional Wisdom

About six months ago, I assumed Windows Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux would dominate Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud. But moves by RightScale, Turnkey Linux and Canonical itself suggest that Ubuntu Server Edition has a strong chance to become a dominant application server on multiple cloud platforms.

Think of it this way: Canonical is working very hard to get Ubuntu Server Edition certified and pre-installed by major server vendors. That's a difficult task. But cloud computing provides a new doorway for Canonical to infiltrate the application server market.

Solid Partner

Don't underestimate the RightScale-Ubuntu combo. According to RightScale:
"To date, thousands of deployments and over 350,000 servers have been launched on the RightScale Platform for leading companies such as Animoto, Playfish, Sling Media and TC3."
RightScale adds:
"The RightScale Platform now includes a full suite of cloud-ready ServerTemplates for Ubuntu, which are pre-built templates for common server configurations – such as scalable web and application arrays, database clusters, and grids – all running on Ubuntu."
The Ubuntu Server revolution is starting -- in the clouds.

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