atlanta-linux-fest-ubuconBack in 2007, Canonical launched Ubuntu Live -- a one-time conference hosted in Portland, Ore. Since that time I've been looking for another Ubuntu-centric conference where I can meet key sources from across the Ubuntu ecosystem. Fast forward to September 2009, and I think there might finally be a conference that fulfills my Ubuntu educational needs.

It's called Atlanta Linux Fest. The event (scheduled for Sept. 19 in Atlanta, Ga.) includes speakers representing multiple Linux distributions and open source projects. Take a closer look at the agenda and you'll find UbuCon Atlanta mentioned and plenty of Ubuntu-focused experts scheduled to speak.

Nick Ali, a key member of the Georgia Ubuntu LoCo, mentioned the following confirmed speakers in an email to me:
  • Pete Graner, the Ubuntu Kernel manager
  • Steve Conklin, also on Kernel team
  • Dan Chen, who works with audio in Ubuntu, is attending
  • John Pugh, the Canonical ISV manager, is attending
  • And several other key Canonical sources may also attend (stay tuned)
As I look ahead to Ubuntu 9.10's anticipated launch in October 2009, I think face-to-face conferences are particularly important for Canonical and the Ubuntu ecosystem.

On the upside, the mainstream media will likely write about Ubuntu 9.10's release and market position relative to Microsoft's Windows 7 (arriving October 22). But on the downside, those same mainstream media folks may overlook Canonical's bigger-picture strategy.

Through face-to-face conferences, Canonical and Ubuntu followers can get a clearer understanding of those bigger-picture efforts. I look forward to the conversations at Atlanta Linux Fest and UbuCon Atlanta.

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