likewise-software-active-directory-microsoft-ubuntuLikewise Software is well-known for integrating Linux, Unix and Mac OS X with Microsoft Active Directory networks. But now Likewise Software is taking steps to specifically embrace Ubuntu users and Canonical customers. Here's the scoop.

As of January 2009, roughly 20,000 organizations used Likewise's software to integrate Linux, Unix and Apple Macintoshes with Microsoft's Active Directory. But in September 2009, Likewise will take steps to educate the Ubuntu crowd by hosting a webinar specifically designed for Ubuntu users and administrators.

UPDATED AUGUST 27, 12:49 p.m. eastern: Please note that the webinar link above has been updated. Likewise revised the link to ensure Linux/open source users could be accommodated on the webcast.

I don't typically blog about vendor-hosted webcasts. But in this case, I think Likewise is making news by specifically reaching out to the Ubuntu community -- and to Windows administrators who may need to manage Ubuntu systems.

Supporting the Big Three

Admittedly, Likewise isn't playing favorites in the Linux market. Likewise's software ships as part of Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11. Plus, Likewise was among the initial members of the Open Source Channel Alliance -- which Red Hat and Synnex launched to train roughly 15,000 Synnex partners on open source solutions.

Still, Ubuntu seems to have popped up on Likewise's radar. The forthcoming September 2009 webinar proves it.

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