Google Android vs. Canonical Ubuntu on NetbooksWhen it comes to Netbook software, most pundits focus on Windows XP vs. Linux. But there's mounting evidence Google Android could be the Next Big Thing on netbooks -- potentially putting the squeeze on Windows and Ubuntu. Here's the scoop.

Freescale, for one, expects to support and promote Google Android on super-low-cost netbooks later this year, reports OSnews. Meanwhile, VentureBeat in January 2009 offered a lengthy article describing why Android netbooks are on the way, plus an FAQ about the potential Android-netbook synergies.

Canonical's New Competitor?

These certainly are strange times for Canonical, which is seeking to compete more effectively against Windows and Mac OS X on notebooks, desktops and even servers.

Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth has called on his company -- and Ubuntu supporters -- to leapfrog Mac OS X's intuitive design within the next few years. And Canonical is lining up hardware partners and ISVs (independent software vendors) to help Ubuntu chip away at Windows Server.

Meanwhile, Google Android has emerged as a wild-card operating system. Already, I believe, Google's software has somewhat undermined Canonical's MID (mobile internet device) effort. And now, Google Android on netbooks represents a new potential threat to Ubuntu.

Frankly, I'm intrigued by the potential Android-Ubuntu showdowns on netbooks and MIDs. There's nothing better than healthy, heated competition to drive innovation.

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