dell_ubuntuIf you have questions about Dell's Ubuntu Linux strategy, please email me your thoughts (joe [at] or post a comment below. I am meeting Dell's Ubuntu team members in a few days. Here are five questions I hope to address. Plus, I welcome your questions to help shape the interview.

Key Questions...

1. Learnings So Far: It has been roughly two years since Dell started pre-loading Ubuntu on selected systems. What are Dell's key learnings about the Ubuntu market so far?

2. Geographic Reach: In what countries does Dell offer Ubuntu? Which countries still need to be addressed, and why?

3. Additional Platforms: What are Dell's thoughts regarding Ubuntu beyond PCs and laptops. Has Dell been testing Ubuntu on mobile internet devices (MID), smart phones, servers, appliances? Why or why not?

4. Additional Services: Canonical is beta testing new services like Ubuntu One (shared file storage/cloud storage), while continuing to expand services like Landscape. Will Dell test/offer those services to customers?

5.  The Dell-Canonical relationship: How often do the companies speak with one another, why, and where is the relationship going next?

Plus, I'll weave in reader questions. Feel free to email me suggested questions or topics (joe [at] or post your thoughts below.

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