In this WorksWithU podcast, editorial director Joe Panettieri speaks with Ken Drachnik, Landscape manager at Canonical. Landscape is Canonical's remote management and monitoring tool for Ubuntu systems. The Podcast conversation covers the following key items...

0:00: Introduction
0:32: What exactly is Landscape?
1:07: Is Landscape positioned for small, midsize or large organizations?
2:02: Is Landscape for netbooks, notebooks, desktops or servers?
2:45: Can Landscape manage Ubuntu in the cloud?
3:55: Does Landscape run on-premise or is it a SaaS (software as a service) solution?
5:10: What is Landscape dedicated server?
5:31: Is Landscape available globally?
5:46: How is Landscape priced?
6:17: Where is Canonical heading next with Landscape?
7:24: How to find more information about Landscape
7:52: A link for a free Landscape test
8:10: Final thoughts
8:39: End

Please note: This podcast was sponsored by Canonical.