It's time to brag and make yourself known. Whether you're running one Ubuntu desktop or managing hundreds of Ubuntu systems, we want to know about it. Please fill this quick online survey, called the Works With U 1,000.

Our goals for the survey are simple. We want to prove:
  • Ubuntu has a loyal and growing installed base on business/organizational desktops and servers
  • Ubuntu has global momentum on desktops and servers
  • Ubuntu has an ecosystem of integrators, solutions providers and VARs who can accelerate Ubuntu deployments
  • And ultimate, Ubuntu can be used for mission critical applications
Organizations that fill out the survey will land on our Works With U 1000 list (here's a preview). And once we compile a complete list of 1,000 organizations running Ubuntu, we plan to publish a comprehensive -- and free -- report that shows readers how Ubuntu is gaining traction in specific vertical markets, in specific regions, etc.