bomgar-enterprise-remote-supportUbuntu is poised to take another small but significant step into corporate enterprises, thanks to Bomgar, the appliance-based remote support software specialist. When Bomgar 10.4 debuts November 16, it will support a growing list of Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, Red Hat and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. Here are the implications for Ubuntu administrators.

Bomgar is a virtualized help desktop platform that allows companies to remotely manage systems over the Internet. Since 2007, Bomgar's software typically required an IT manager to use a Windows, Mac OS X or SUSE Linux desktop as their remote administration platform. Going forward, support technicians will also be able to run Ubuntu when managing remote systems, Bomgar says.

Bomgar's pledge to increasingly support Ubuntu is noteworthy because Bomgar itself has a growing following among corporate IT managers. In fact, Bomgar is among the fastest-growing privately held companies in the United States, according to the annual Inc. 500 survey and report.

Meanwhile, Canonical has been striving to improve Ubuntu's enterprise positioning. The new Ubuntu 9.10 Server Edition includes a private enterprise cloud option -- known as EUC (Enterprise Ubuntu Cloud). Plus, Canonical continues to polish Landscape, a remote management and administration tool for Ubuntu desktops and servers.

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