Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, is getting serious about the server. The company is working hard to partner with 3rd party server application providers, and to develop the required core OS services for Ubuntu to make it a highly successful business server platform. There are many factors that make Ubuntu a strong server platform, but the top 5 are:

  1. High Availability and Fault Tolerance Sys-Admins won't sleep well at night without having deployed a reliable,well tested array of high availability and fault tolerance technologies and methodologies. Nightly and daily backups, OS Clustering, OS-level disk replication, data integrity solutions, RAID# solutions are vital for a server running critical business applications.
  2. Central Administration Tools - Server farms these days are huge. Thousands, even tens of thousands of servers, spread across the globe, needs to be managed by system administrators, preferably from a single administrative console. Stopping and starting instances,Deploying patches, early warnings about low disk space or stray processes are some of the services required from administrative tools.
  3. Experts Community - many of the older Unix flavors have a core group of followers who have fought the enterprise IT battle with their favorite server platform. These group knows every bit and byte of the OS, tweaking it, taking it to the limit. Ubuntu, with its ever-evolving community of IT professionals, together with excellent documentation, is starting to build a group of experts around Ubuntu's server platform.
  4. Green Is Cool - one of the hottest trends (along with Cloud Computing and Virtualization) in information technologies is environmentally-friendly computing. That means servers that use up less energy by doing things more efficiently.Running a server without a GUI, for example, in large server farms, can be a huge energy saver.
  5. Applications, Applications, Applications - the most important factor of all, applications are what makes an OS shine. Be it business applications for SME's, applications running in the cloud or middleware for the enterprise, Ubuntu server is quickly becoming application friendly - simple installation and one-click upgrades, detailed documentation, reliable, expert support and strong performance benchmark results.
This is the first in an ongoing series I'll be writing for Works With U.

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