Canonical has won Cisco Systems' (CSCO) stamp of approval for deploying Hadoop as a service on Ubuntu OpenStack, the open source, Linux-based cloud server platform. Now, enterprises can access detailed documentation provided by Cisco for configuring Hadoop and other Big Data software on Ubuntu.

Cisco announced the news Aug. 14, when it issued a CVD (Cisco Validated Design) architecture for Hadoop as a service on Ubuntu OpenStack. The documentation provides a complete guide for deploying Hadoop as a service with Ubuntu OpenStack running as the host operating system, as well as a bill of materials for the requisite hardware and software.

The news follows several other recent collaborative issues by Canonical and Cisco in the cloud and Big Data space. Previously, Cisco released a CVD for integrating Cisco UVC with Ubuntu OpenStack and reference information for deploying Cisco's Nexus 1000V switch on Ubuntu OpenStack to provide advanced network virtualization.

Cisco is also a partner in Canonical's OpenStack Interoperability Lab (OIL), which allows organizations across the cloud ecosystem to test their products for compabitility with Ubuntu OpenStack. Canonical has had a busy week with that initiative as well, announcing a few days ago that software-defined networking (SDN) vendor CPLANE Networks has also become a member of OIL.