As a whole, the IT the channel has had a tempestuous relationship with emerging technologies: on one hand they hold the promise of rich margins and quick sales opportunities, but they also come with unexpected complexities and skeptical buyers.

And in many instances, the clients that make up the bulk of the channel’s customer base aren’t necessarily looking to be on the cutting edge. They want their office and business functions covered and aren’t looking to invest in tech that may or may not pay off in the long run.

But as the nature of business IT changes to adjust to the new line of business (LOB) buyer paradigm, partners may need to think ahead to practical applications emerging tech may offer in the (not too distant) future.

So says Cody Marx Bailey, a programmer who’s betting big on blockchain technology. Bailey leads a fledgling hedge fund that deals exclusively in crypto-assets and devotes himself to educating programmers, investors and other interested parties on the nuances and use cases of blockchain.

Though much of the world sees blockchain technology as a synonym for cryptocurrency, Bailey says focusing solely on the fintech aspect of the technology is a big mistake. If you aren’t thinking of ways to apply blockchain to business functions and operations, you’re missing a big opportunity.

The implications for IT professionals can broadly fall into two categories, which are right up the channel’s alley: technology and business outcomes.