Chinese hackers have accessed US weapons designs. North Korea is becoming a hacking super power. Iran hackers are targeting US energy firms. Alas, Eugene Kaspersky was right: The world needs a secure operating system to protect industrial, financial, communications, transportation and government systems from state-sponsored espionage. But how soon will Kaspersky Lab's cyber secure operating system arrive? And is it really a magic bullet solution for international cyber terrorism?

Hmmm... CEO Eugene Kaspersky provided plenty of clues about the so-called Kaspersky Cyber Secure Operating System back in October 2012.  But so far the security software company -- best known for anti-virus and endpoint security offerings -- has not offered an official launch date for its operating system design.

During a Kaspersky Lab conference in New York back in January 2013, The VAR Guy gathered these updates from CEO Eugene Kaspersky:

  • The company planned to test the cyber secure OS with at least one organization, perhaps a utility.
  • It wasn't clear if or how an official productized offering would launch.
  • It was unclear whether Kaspersky Lab would open source the code -- but the executive indicated that government partners would be allowed to view the source code so that they would be comfortable with the offering.
  • It sounds like the software will be hardware agnostic and easily portable from industrial systems to industry standard systems.

Still, the biggest question of all remains: As international hacking incidents generate more and more headlines, is Kaspersky Lab getting any closer to protecting customers from cyber espionage?

Memo to Eugene Kaspersky: Any update?