Hedvig says the time is now for resellers to deliver solutions that replace legacy storage solutions with software-defined alternatives. Toward that end, the company has launched a new partner program, CloudScale, for its software-defined storage (SDS) platform.

Announced Wednesday, CloudScale features training, discounts and access to additional partnership opportunities for resellers who use it to deploy Hedvig's SDS platform, which abstracts physical data storage servers into a cloud-friendly, software-defined environment.

The company hopes the offering will attract more enterprises to SDS solutions. In announcing the CloudScale program, it cited research from ESG saying that 94 percent of mid to large organizations are currently implementing SDS or will do so soon. It also mentioned a report from 451 Research, which predicts that 67 percent of enterprises will increase SDS spending in 2016.

Of particular interest to Hedvig are resellers who want to reach customers still relying on legacy hardware. "The program is aimed directly at resellers with the goal of speeding the replacement of aging, costly storage infrastructure that can’t keep up in today’s modern distributed computing landscape," a Hedvig representative said in an email.

In addition to launching a partner program for its own product, Hedvig also says it will "strengthen additional technology and distribution alliances" with large vendors already deploying its SDS platform. Those include Cisco, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Supermicro and Quanta, according to the company.

Software-defined storage is not new anymore, but it is taking a long time to reach the masses -- especially, no doubt, because of the obstacles associated with transitioning away from legacy storage infrastructure. Software that lets companies keep their commodity hardware while upgrading to software-defined data storage offers the best of both worlds. Hedvig is now making one such solution easier to access by increasing channel engagement.