Solid state storage, the storage chips that outfit all the mobile devices we love so much, are truly destined for more than just games and e-mail. We're already seeing SSD solutions cropping up in advanced storage devices, and now Avnet Embedded is looking to educate its community with an event focusing on the wonderful world of SSDs. Where's the locale? Everywhere -- it's an online virtual summit. Read on for the details ...

The Avent Embedded SSD event, a 48 hour-long online virtual summit covering all the ins and outs of how SSDs work and where they can provide the most benefit, will be held April 3 and 4, 2012. The first day also will include a raft of in-depth technical discussions from vendors including Kingston, OCZ Technology, Hitachi, Dell, Rorke Data and more. Avnet Embedded also is promising "30-minute, live chat sessions with technical experts," from the supplier of your choice, so attendees can directly ask questions and get live answers.

So what kind of SSD crash course can we look forward to? Avnet Embedded promises everything from understanding SSD performance, ruggedizing SSDs for industrial use and even a technical look at the "intricacies" of how data lives inside SSDs. Of course, the traditional tiered storage SSD solutions also will be discussed, especially since they're easily the most prevalent large-scale SSD solution currently in the market. The whole summit is free, so head on over and register yourself if you're even a little bit interested.

If you still don't see what all the buzz is about solid state storage, here's a simple way to think of it: You want cloud and virtualization as fast as you can, right? All the Gigabit Ethernet and fiber-optic technology in the world won't mean anything if the storage speeds can't keep up. Essentially, SSDs can break through traditional storage bottlenecks, giving us a connected world that literally feels instant. On that idea alone, VARS and MSPs may want to more seriously consider solid state storage solutions next time the data center comes calling.