Bluelock is upgrading its PortfolioT customer portal with several major enhancements aimed at providing detailed capacity and cost analysis for its recovery-as-a-service (RaaS) solution. The portal now includes critical visibility and functionality to enable management of virtual machine protection group replication, failover checkpoints and capacity at the cloud DR site.

The certified VMware (VMW) vCloud Datacenter provider has dealt in RaaS since the beginning of 2013. According to Blueblock, the improvements stem from widespread customer need for tightly managed replication costs and failover site capacity to keep their applications protected from disruption.

"We are thrilled to bring an unprecedented level of visibility and control to the disaster recovery market," said Ben Miller, Product Solutions director at Bluelock, in a prepared statement. "Bluelock PortfolioT has helped our cloud infrastructure customers make better business decisions about their resource utilization and our RaaS customers now get to experience similar DR-specific capabilities so they too can manage capacity while keeping costs in check."

Besides the aforementioned improvements to its portal, Bluelock's PortfolioT also will include planned vs. actual VM replication counts and storage consumption and visibility of committed, guaranteed capacity at the DR site for successful failover. The portal provides several available checkpoints for failover if a disaster arises, detailed graphing and stats, and enhanced cost analysis of virtual protection groups down to the VM level by resource type.