ubuntu_case_badge_150ZaReason is taking a small but significant step to help strengthen the Ubuntu brand. To help celebrate the Ubuntu 9.10 launch, the PC maker is offering "a stick of Ubuntu aluminum case badges with each computer ordered" October 29 through November 5. Here's why you should care.

Let's be honest: Many consumers and businesses have yet to discover Ubuntu. But those who do frequently turn to ZaReason or System76 -- two Ubuntu-centric PC makers -- for help and guidance. I mentioned last week that both ZaReason and System76 planned to offer Ubuntu 9.1o preloads upon the operating system's debut.

ZaReason's efforts are particularly interesting because the PC maker always seems to be thinking about promoting and evangelizing the Ubuntu brand -- placing Ubuntu logos on keyboards and Ubuntu case badges on netbooks, notebooks, laptops and servers. And now, ZaReason is offering those free case badges Oct. 29 through Nov. 5 with system purchases.

Such branding isn't a big deal. Or is it?

I think you already know my answer.

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