xandros Xandros, the company behind the Linux distribution called Xandros OS, has launched a custom application store that will deliver digital content to any kind of Internet-connect device, agnostic of any sort of platform. It's called "App2Market." Here's the scoop and why VARs might want to perk an ear up...

Calling it the "first rue cross-platform white label applications store," Apps2Market is aimed at creating an app store for any platform out there, so long as it's Intel or ARM-based web-devices. The idea is that software vendors, automotive vendors, or any other manufacturers can create a marketplace custom-tailored for applications specific to the device they're selling.

So say you're a VAR or and ISV looking to deliver a custom solution for a customer.  Now, instead of having to build a channel into an existing app store (a-la Apple or Android) you can now work with Xandros and create a unique market place selling all the things you want. You can build the app client into the device, or straight from a browser. And you can also sell anything you want

At first glance, it looks like Xandros is aiming for the mobile-Internet device market, but also set-top boxes and cars. But they're also pushing pretty hard on the idea that it can also be a cloud based solution, freeing  App2Market offerings from  hardware or operating system restrictions.

Their gallery currently shows off a few sites that were created with Apps2Market, but unfortunately, the that interested The VAR Guy (called www.android.cnr.com) had little to few apps up and seemed rather sparse. It also seemed poorly implemented. Clicking on a link to an app just threw my browser into a "loading" loop, never actually linking me to the page.

Oh well, it is -- after all -- just day 1.

For now, it seems like a like of hype around a pretty neat idea. But we'll have to wait and see if the Xandros Apps2Market really takes off.

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