Tristan Barnum, a former Digiumleader, has joined Telcentris as VP of marketing. Barnum is well-known as a pioneer of Asterisk, the open source IP BPX, within business circles and the IT channel. So what is Barnum up to at Telcentris? Here are some educated guesses from The VAR Guy.

Barnum previously built Switchvox, which offered a business-class IP PBX based on Asterisk. Digium acquired Switchvox in 2007, and Barnum has been a high-profile industry educator and spokesperson ever since.

Now Barnum has surfaced at Telcentris, which develops VoxOx Unify -- a unified communications platform. The company appears to be in growth mode. Revenues rose more than 150 percent in 2012 vs. 2011. Telcentris raised $5.3 million in January 2013 to fuel more growth, and the company has expanded to 70-plus employees from 40 at the end of 2012.

For channel partners, Telcentris offers a white label solution for ILECs, CLECs, IT service providers and entrepreneurs. The company also has an agent program for channel partners.

Will Barnum have a hand in promoting the Telcentris partner initiatives going forward? The VAR Guy is betting yes.