Apple (AAPL) is set to deliver iOS 7 for iPads and iPhones in September. But the buzz isn't all good. Bugs. Hiccups. And a new user interface that has some critics concerned. Will iOS 7 fall flat like Microsoft's (MSFT) Windows 8? Hmmm...

Let's start with the vision: iOS 7 is a major upgrade to Apple's mobile operating system for tablets and smart phones. Critics say Apple is no longer innovative. Apple is responding with a major iOS 7 launch. And now some critics think the overhaul could fall flat. Can Apple win this innovator's dilemma?

Balanced Report, Key Questions

According to an in-depth report on ReadWrite, Apple's iOS 7 development encountered the following problems or issues:

  • Critics are questioning the new, simpler "flat design" pioneered by SVP Jonathan Ive.
  • Mobile developers are juggling 1,500 new SDK packages with iOS 7, which ReadWrite claims is far more than developers normally manage. This has resulted in buggy apps, the site claims.
  • Apple shut down its online developer center for more than a week amid a possible security concern -- basically stealing a week of productivity from iOS 7 supporters.
  • Most recently, some iOS 7 testers this week said the software locked them out of their iPhones.

Readwrite concludes:

"Apple only has a couple of weeks to get everything together. In many ways iOS 7 has been very un-Apple-like. It was apparently rushed into production, after which Apple then pushed a massive change out to its developer ecosystem in order to get the new iPhone out at its appointed time with the new OS. As a result, complaints about iOS 7 design, bugs and functionality have been louder than with previous iOS versions.

Apple has faced tough times with the iPhone before (remember AntennaGate?), and come out on the other side with a great product that millions of people bought and loved. None of the problems that iOS 7 has faced are impossible to overcome with a little time and patience."

Perhaps so. But the iOS 7 transition is a huge inflection point for Apple and its partners and customers. Over at Microsoft, CEO Steve Ballmer last year attempted a huge user interface overhaul with Windows 8. Now, Ballmer is heading for early retirement.

The VAR Guy isn't suggesting Apple CEO will face a similar hot seat situation. But the Cook could be feeling some heat if iOS 7 isn't up to snuff.

The VAR Guy's hunch: Apple will get iOS 7 right...