Big Data analytics have converged with massive cloud storage in Storage Analytics, a new part of CloudPhysics's software-as-a-service (SaaS) data analytics platform, on the same day that the company announced $15 million in additional funding.

The new software tool, which entered general availability June 24, is designed to predict potential problems in data center storage infrastructure via Big Data analytics. It comes as part of the latest version of CloudPhysics's flagship (and eponymous) data analytics platform.

CloudPhysics is pitching the solution as a crucial source of insight for enterprises seeking to pinpoint the source of performance issues in cloud-based services. "Virtualization transformed IT operations through resource abstraction and workload consolidation. But this abstraction makes IT operations significantly more complex and highly opaque, particularly where virtualization and storage meet," the company said in a statement.

CloudPhysics aims to solve that challenge by running analytics on huge amounts of data generated by virtual cloud infrastructure, comparing the information to a global database of trends from other data centers to identify areas of potential problems. The information that results, the company said, allows enterprises not only to address weak points in their cloud infrastructure before they fail completely, but also to measure more accurately the benefits that they would gain by introducing new infrastructure, like SSD storage, into their networks.

The new version of CloudPhysics's software is currently available for VMware (VMW) vSphere environments in both a "Community" edition, which is free, and a "Premium" subscription-based version.

CloudPhysics also announced it has secured $15 million in funding from Jafco Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Mayfield.