Predictive analytics provider RapidMiner has strengthened its ability to derive value from Hadoop-based Big Data through its acquisition this week of Radoop, whose Hadoop technologies will now become part of the RapidMiner analytics suite.

RapidMiner had previosly partnered closely with Radoop, which integrated its software into RapidMiner's Studio and Server predictive analytics products for the enterprise. The acquisition brings that integration further, providing "one of the first enterprise-ready, commercially supported and full-featured predictive analytics suites running in Hadoop," according to RapidMiner.

Specifically, RapidMiner plans to leverage Radoop's extract-transfer-load (ETL) extensions for Hadoop, its Hadoop data analytics and its machine learning processes for the RapidMiner predcitive-analytics suite, the company said.

RapidMiner is also touting the partnership portfolio it has gained through its Radoop acquisition. The move "further strengthens RapidMiner’s role in the Hadoop ecosystem by bringing key partnerships with Cloudera and Hortonworks, two of the most popular Hadoop platforms, as well adding 20 new client companies, including Schneider Electric, Prezi, Ustream and Fractal Analytics," the company said.

Given RapidMiner's open source roots, the company's interest in enhancing the ability of its products to interact with data in Hadoop, a key open source Big Data technology, is only natural. The deal will also help the company to provide a predictive analytics solution that is geared for all types of data, no matter how "big" the data is or how it is stored. That need for comprehensive data analytics, rather than products that cater either to traditional types of data or to Big Data, could be a major driver of growth in this segment of the channel going forward.