In an interview with Reuters, Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth confirmed what The VAR Guy already knew: Sun Microsystems is increasing its bets on Ubuntu Linux. Here's the scoop.

Two weeks ago, The VAR Guy reported that Ubuntu would be one of the certified options for Sun's latestsmall and midsize business servers. Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, also is quietly working with IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Dell to try to ensure Ubuntu is certified with their servers, The VAR Guy has learned.

In an interview published April 2 by Reuters, Shuttleworth confirmed the close ongoing work between Sun and Ubuntu.

The timing couldn't be better. Canonical is scheduled to ship the latest Ubuntu release -- Hardy Heron -- in late April. It's expected to include several major server enhancements. And the next server company to climb on the bandwagon will likely be Dell, The VAR Guy predicts.

Now, here's the twist The VAR Guy didn't expect. Novell -- yes, Novell -- has somehow jump-started its momentum in the server market. The company's Linux sales were up 200 percent in 2007, reports CNet. Even if you eliminate sales that involved the partnership with Microsoft, Novell's Linux sales grew as fast as or faster than the market, according to Novell Chief Marketing Officer John Dragoon.

So, check this out: Novell's sales are growing. Red Hat just announced strong financial results. And Canonical is gearing up for a server push.

It's a great time for ISVs and customers, because competition is red-hot in the Linux market.

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