It was another week of planes, trains and automobiles for The VAR Guy. Alas, here are six channel blog entries The VAR Guy failed to write for the week ending Oct. 9, and their implications for readers.

7. I'll Take 50 Netbooks... To Go: Dell lowered its North American deal registration requirements to $15,000 -- down from $50,000. Now, VARs can potentially register and protect smaller engagements from rival resellers and Dell's direct sales team.

6. Let Them Play: Former MySQL boss Marten Mickos has sent a letter to the European Commission, recommending they approve Oracle's takeover of Sun -- and with it, MySQL. Looks like the Oracle-Sun combo won't be approved in time for the Oracle OpenWorld conference, which starts Oct. 11 in San Francisco. Still, The VAR Guy will ask plenty of MySQL-related questions at the Oracle event.

5. New Lease on IT Life: Ingram Micro has partnered up with VAR Resources to offer a new end-user leasing program designed for solutions providers. Hmmm... Perhaps it's time for The VAR Guy to tap some credit lines for another web site launch...

4. Heading for Home: Vembu already offers storage solutions for VARs and MSPs. Next up, the company is heading for home.

3. Booked Solid: A Microsoft solutions provider says he'll be deploying Windows 7 for customers every weekend from now through January 2010. Color The VAR Guy surprised. And impressed. More details next week.

2. Cisco Hugs Linux: The networking giant announced winners of its AXP (application eXtension platform) development contest, which involves Linux applications running on Cisco network infrastructure. The bigger ambition is to attract ISVs toward network-centric applications and away from Windows Server development. At least that's The VAR Guy's spin on the situation.

1. Check the Headline: If you know The VAR Guy, you know he doesn’t play by the rules. There is no #1 on this list, because it’s a top six list.

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