Red Hat VAR Guy Steve HessA few weeks ago, The VAR Guy told readers Red Hat's JBoss middleware business would eventually be larger than Red Hat's Linux platform business. Apparently, Oracle/BEA Systems veteran Steve Hess got the message. He's made the leap to Red Hat. And so have several other major names in middleware. Here's why channel partners should pay attention.

Hess was an eight-year veteran of BEA Systems/Oracle. Plenty of middleware veterans seem to be following Hess into Red Hat. In a company blog, Red Hat claims it has attracted middleware experts from Sun Microsystems and IBM.

Sure, JBoss experienced some bumps after Red Hat acquired the open source middleware business in April 2006. But a Red Hat spokeswoman says JBoss sales are now growing faster than Red Hat's Linux platform sales.

Partner Profits

Oh, and The VAR Guy's frequent readers already know the following stat: Red Hat channel partners typically earn $10 to $12 in consulting fees for every dollar worth of JBoss software they deploy.

Hess arrives at Red Hat just as JBoss seems to be connecting with more and more integrators. Alas, Red Hat didn't mention whether Hess's responsibilities would involve growing the JBoss channel.

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