Instead of convincing Oracle partners to immediately sell every Sun product, Oracle Channel Chief Judson Althoff (pictured) is calling on solutions providers to focus their efforts on two key growth opportunities. What are they? Of course, The VAR Guy uncovered the answers today. Here's the scoop.

During an interview at Oracle's headquarters today, Althoff described a lengthy list of channel opportunities awaiting Oracle and Sun partners. Sure, the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Specialized program will eventually include specializations from MySQL, Java and other "sexy" Sun technologies (more on that portion of the conversation soon).

Two Prime Opportunities

But first things first: Althoff says Oracle partners should immediately focus their Sun-centric efforts on two specific fast-growth opportunities:
  1. Midrange CMT (Chip Multithreading) Servers
  2. Sun Storage, including offerings like Sun Open Storage and even tape storage
"We’re going to bring focus to the Sun portfolio," said Althoff. "Sun has amazing products. [Within Oracle] we scratched our heads and wondered why they’re not more successful. It’s because when Sun was focusing in so many areas... they ceased to be focused."

With that goal in mind, Althoff says channel partners should promote CMT Servers into customer accounts with 100 or more seats. Also, Althoff asserts that there are big opportunities in storage -- even in the area of tape storage. "That's still a growing, profitable business."

Along the way, Althoff expects Oracle partners to increasingly compete with NetApp in the storage market.

Big Numbers?

Althoff concedes that Oracle's direct sales team will continue to sell to 4000 very large accounts. But customer number 4001 all the way down to small businesses remain prime opportunities for Oracle partners, he adds.

And check out this math: There are roughly 300,000 Oracle software customers that don't run Sun solutions yet. Althoff expects OPN specialized partners to aggressively promote Sun solutions into that Oracle customer base.

Sure, Oracle will continue to work with IBM, HP and Dell. "But our prime goal is to make sure Oracle software runs best on Sun hardware," Althoff said.

Hmmm... What else did Althoff share? The conversation also covered:
  • Oracle's emerging partner strategy for MySQL and Java.
  • OpenOffice and SunRay strategies in emerging markets.
  • Will Oracle compete with IBM, HP and Dell in enterprise services?
  • And plenty more, including SaaS and cloud perspectives from Oracle.
Alas, you'll need to wait a bit for additional details. The VAR Guy is late for dinner. Our resident blogger tries his best not to blog on an empty stomach. Back soon with more insights from Althoff -- and more opinions from The VAR Guy.

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