Forgive The VAR Guy if he says "I told you so." Earlier this month he predicted that Asterisk -- the open source IP PBX -- would win a global distribution deal. He was right. Specific details about the news, involving Digium -- one of the top Asterisk companies -- emerged today. Here's the scoop.

Westcon Group, Inc. -- a specialty distributor focused on networking, convergence, security and mobility, --  says it plans to offer Digium's Asterisk-based telephony solutions to its worldwide community of reseller customers.

It's one small step for Asterisk, which is gaining international momentum. And one giant leap forward for Digium, which is quickly emerging as one of the VoIP industry's key companies to watch.

Here's the earlier report from The VAR Guy, in which he analyzed the potential implications of Digium's worldwide distribution deal.